Complete Pelvic Prolapse Solutions

When an organ drops from its normal position in your body it is called a prolapse. Organs found in the pelvic region can prolapse and push against the walls of the vagina. This is sometimes painful and may require a physician’s evaluation. Learn more

Fibroid Solutions

A fibroid is a tumor most often found in the female reproductive system. Uterine Myoma, Leiomyoma, and fibroma are some other common terms for fibroids. Learn more

Fertility Enhancing Procedures

Dr. English is a specialist known for his knowledge and skill in fertility enhancement. His patient focused practice and years of experience lend to positive outcomes. Learn more

Chronic Pelvic Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

Experiencing chronic pelvic pain? Dr. English is the specialist you need to diagnose and treat the underlying causes and symptoms. Reach out to day to book an appointment.

Answers for Bleeding Issues

Woman may experience bleeding issues from time to time. Dr. English has the answers you’ve been looking for.