Dr. Eric English launches new site and resources for patients in Minnesota

Minnesota – Dr. Eric English, a board certified OB/GYN, has today launched a new site dedicated to providing information and resources for women in the Minnesota area.

Dr. English has always excelled in his practice and fits well in the world of obstetrics and gynecology. In fact, after attending the Creighton School of Medicine in Omaha, his residency at Mercy Medical Center in Chicago helped establish his reputation as one of the most accomplished practitioners of today’s minimally invasive procedures.

But Dr. English strives to be more than to be a technically exceptional doctor and surgeon.

He also endeavors to be the most caring doctor he can be for his patients.

Over the next few months, Dr. English will post informational blogs and news articles to help educate and inform patients on new procedures, frequently asked questions and general health and wellbeing topics.

In addition, Dr. English has also launched social profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to further extend lines of communication with both current and potential patients.

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